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"Clients come to Novotny Law Offices for results. Achieving the best results is the firm's aim."



Novotny Law Offices provides comprehensive legal advise for businesses in the Czech Republic.
Forming an entity is one of the most important things a business person can do. The firm can provide the expertise to help you decide what is the best type of business organization for your business, file all of the necessary documents required to form your entity, and help you to register your entity at the Commercial Register, as well as for tax purposes.

Novotny Law Offices is available for those times when you need legal advice on a situation. We can review a contract, talk about an employment problem, or any other business situation that you feel you need to consult with an attorney.
The firm makes it affordable to consult with an attorney.
Remember the old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Though some times you might think it is foolish to spend the money to consult with an attorney before you have a legal problem, but having an attorney review a situation may save you tens of thousand of dollars.

Employment law is the area of law that deals with the relationship of employers & employee, wages paid to the employees, and leave that employers are required to give employees. Novotny Law Offices is able to help both the employee to know and defend his rights and help the employer to be confident that he is in compliance with the Czech law.


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